About Me

In the tapestry of my once-happy life, a sudden storm erupted, casting shadows that I never anticipated. The news hit like a thunderclap – first, my dad diagnosed with cancer, and within a month, the devastating revelation that my mom faced a similar battle. Life, once vibrant and carefree, screeched to a sudden halt.

Day after day, I stood by a witness to their weakening struggles, feeling the weight of helplessness crushing my spirit. A year later, my dad departed, and soon after, my mom followed suit. The question of why they were taken away so prematurely haunted my thoughts, and I found myself navigating a bleak landscape of depression and loneliness.

Amidst the darkness, a glimmer of the extraordinary emerged. I began to sense energies coursing through my hands, a phenomenon I couldn't quite fathom. A friend, recognizing the uniqueness of my experience, introduced me to the world of Reiki. Little did I know that this introduction would become the turning point in my healing journey.

Engulfed in the realm of energy healing, I started to mend the fractures within myself. Reiki became a balm for my pain and traumas, gradually lifting the heavy fog that shrouded my existence. In reclaiming my own joy, I discovered a profound purpose – to share the gift of healing with the world.

Witnessing the transformative power of Reiki in my own life, I embarked on a mission to extend its reach to others. It became my solace, my sanctuary, and the conduit through which I could bring relief and joy to those grappling with their own burdens. The positive feedback from clients, recounting newfound freedom from pain and anxiety, ignited a flame of fulfilment within me.

In this journey from despair to hope, I found not only my own redemption but also the ability to be a source of healing for others. Every testimonial, every shared triumph, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact of embracing the healing energy that resides within us all.